CRAFTIVITY Project Reviews

CRAFTIVITY Kits: Paper Flower Bouquets, Macramé Bag, and Dream Board

With the all the high tech gadgets so easily available sometimes it can be difficult to provide your daughter with a fun, creative outlet that can take advantage of her artistic abilities.

CRAFTIVITY Project Reviews

Does your daughter enjoy making her own clothing, bags, and room decorations? Things that she can show off at school to friends or at home to family members. The ability to create your own products with your own two hands is a great way to instill pride in one’s work.

The CRAFTIVITY project line has 8 different packages at the moment that are full-fledged kits filled with everything that a girl could need to make something unique and personalized. Even better, more and more crafts are being added every year.

You can browse the different packages and see which would be best for your child but below are three distinct ones that are bound to meet a variety of personality types. It is also an extremely affordable way to let her try something new to see if maybe she has found a new hobby that she can focus her attention on.

Dream Board

Dream Board

One that is incredibly interesting is the dream board kit. Imagine your daughter using the enclosed wooden planks, paints, embellishments, and instructional guide to create a board with all of her dreams and aspirations. It can be used as a source of inspiration, to focus on goals, a collage of happy thoughts, places to visit one day, and anything else that she can think of.

Macramé Bag

Fashion, fashion, fashion. You know it is an important aspect of a teenage girl’s life and nothing can be cooler than being able to create your own macramé bag. This will your daughter spend an afternoon making her own trendy bag that matches her specific tastes. No need for you to guess which bag to buy her next.

Macrame Bag

It is a cross body bag that is beautifully decorated with knots and fringe once completed. This particular kit comes with the necessary cords, wooden beads, instructions, fabric liner, and a pattern template. Not to mention that the techniques learned here can be used over and over again in future projects.

Encourage that creativity and your daughter could very well have her own line of bags to give away or even to sell! By the way, it comes with 188 feet of macramé cord (faux leather) so the bag can be designed in as simple or complex as she desires.

Paper Flower Bouquets

More than just origami, this CRAFTIVITY kit is perfect for teenagers who are looking for ways to decorate their rooms or create a gift for a friend. This project is like the traditional paper flowers but supersized.

Paper Flower Bouquets

Your teen will be creating a giant colorful flower bouquet that can be put on display anywhere in the house. It could even fit in a locker which would allow for a great pop of color at school.

It keeps with everything necessary to make every part of a flower including petal paper, stems, leave paper, colored dyes for the flowers, glue, and gloves so that they can get started on the project right out of the box without having to buy any other materials.

No child will be making the same project as there are multiple techniques for flower folding and dying. Not to mention video tutorials are available to help your girl experiment with what she likes best.

Overall the kits are a great investment for creating an engaging task for your child which will result in a tangible created product. All the kits are for ages 12 and up because they are aimed at older children who may have become bored with traditional arts and crafts. But people have had great success giving them to girls as young as 6 with supervision.

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